CROSS-LINKING is a treatment method for evolutive affections of the cornea, such as for example KERATOCONUS and ECTASIA. These affections mostly cause an irregular astigmatism, making the optimal improvement of the visual acuity difficult, even with an optical correction.

After the crosslinking the cornea is strengthened, stabilizing the affection. In most cases the visual acuity can be more easily corrected afterwars.

The treatment is done under topical anesthesia.

After removal of the central epithelium covering the surface of the cornea, riboflavin (Vitamin B 2) eye drops are dropped onto the eye at regular intervals during the span of half an hour. Then the cornea is illuminated with a specialized UV-A photochemical machine for another 30 minutes, while eye drops continue to be dropped onto the eye.

Afther the treatment a bandage contact lens is placed, helping relieve post-operative pain and accelerating the healing process. This lens is kept in place for about a week after.