Conductive Keratoplasty

This technique, performed under topical anasthesia, is minimally invasive and is aimed at patients with light farsightedness and/or beginning problems reading. (Age 40 to 55) The goal of this treatment is to induce a light shortsightedness on the non-dominant eye. In patients with light farsightedness, this can correct both the farsightedness and, indirectly, the ability to read.

This ‘no-laser’ technique utilizes the energy of radio waves to adjust the contour of the cornea by shrinking the corneal collagen around it. This causes a central rounding of the cornea. Depending on the number of points placed on the periphery of the cornea, more + diopters can be corrected.

Seeing as the loss of the accommodation of the intra-ocular lens keeps evolving, this technique is only a temporary solution.

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