BELS (Belgian Eye Laser Society)

In 1992 a group of ophthalmologists founded the BELS in Antwerp, in order to be able to offer laser-based eye treatment to replace the use of contacts or glasses. It was the first refractive eye laser center in Belgium. In this technologically advanced environment, with its fast and constant evolution, it is necessary to stay up to date. The BELS has always applied itself to offer the newest techniques to its patients.

Which refractive deviations can be treated at the BELS?

Almost all refractive deviations can be treated at the BELS. Nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hypermetropia, astigmatism, aberrations and combinations.

  • Surface treatments or laserflaps, we offer it all.



Uitbreidingstraat 240
B-2600 Antwerpen - Berchem
Tel. xx 32 (0)3 218 40 29